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Tom Grennan : Casual talk about music and life

"I like seating on the couch like I am doing now and lying out."

So, first of all - you are already after big venues and festivals like Leeds, Reading... How does it feel to be on stage, sing to thousands of people and hear them singing back?

Tom: It is really good, it is really nice, it is something that I never thought would ever happen. It is something that I have now. When I write a song I try to imagine the crowd singing it back to me - will this be a song that lots of people sing back? Then, when it actually happens, the feeling is like .. it is better than sex.

What is your favorite part of touring?

Tom: My favorite part of touring would probably be just doing shows, going to different places and being up to, like, traveling and taking in different cultures. And also like, especially like, European stuff. Going to different countries, seeing how music connects, not just with, like, English with an English crowd, but connect with people who even can't sometimes speak English. It is just nice to know that music is something that brings people together. That is cool.

If you need to choose a small concert or a big festival, what do you choose?

Tom: I like big shows, but then I also like intimate small shows as well.

Do you have your dream venue or place to sing?

Tom: Yeah, I am gonna say Glastonbury.

You are a big fan of Amy Winehouse. How does she influence you? What do you like the most about her?

Tom: She and her ability to write a song which was her deepest, darkest force and the way she turned it into something so beautiful and so powerful and pretty.

How I mentioned. People are singing your songs back and you are getting more and more popular every day, all around the world. How do you deal with that?

Tom: I don't really know. I don't turn to look at myself as doing this or that. I live my day and I am doing my shows and it is so good and nice that people are coming out. But I don't see myself, like, every day I check "Oh am I bigger today than I was yesterday?". Do you know what I mean? I am just going with the flow of it. I am not really concentrating on that. I am concentrating on making a show good and how to make it better, how to just be better.

Now let us focus on your album. Can You say something about the atmosphere while recording your debut album in the studio?

Tom: It was cool. I really enjoyed it while recording, like, I am a different person in the studio and a different person while on stage. What I mean by that is - studio time and tour time are just completely different things. Like, when You are in the studio you focus so much on music and creating - something like that. But on tour, you are focusing on having energy and lots of it. I want to be, like, making a good show but I think the atmosphere when I was writing the album, and in the studio is just, it was good, it was creative, it was something that I will never forget. But If I have to tell you what was the feeling like.. Nah. I couldn't, really. I don't really remember it as a feeling. I remember enjoying it.

You are making your own sound and you are looking for your own space in music. So have You found what you've been looking for?

Tom: Not really. I think that as humans we just keep... we are always searching and always looking for something. And If we found something... I think... It appears and we try to play but I don't really... didn't find it yet. I think I am still searching for it. For whatever it is. Don't get it wrong I have found a sort of... things. But did I find what I have been looking for in my carrier? Not yet. I want to be massive.

How would you describe your album?

Tom: Shit! Nah, I am joking. It is, for me, like a journey... it is fiery, passionate and it is good.

Do you have your favorite song to play live?

Tom: "Little by little love" it is one of my favorite songs.

Do you have a guilty pleasure song?

Tom: I don't know .. "YMCA" (Tom humming YMCA)

What was the moment in your carrier which made everything go that way?

Tom: I don't know. I think just working hard and ...I think just hard work and perseverance and keep your eye on the goal, keep an eye on a price

Do you have any plan for future?

Tom: My plans for a future... just keep writing, keep creating, come to Poland

After the tour - do You have your favorite place to just turn off yourself?

Tom: Yeah I like my home. I like seating on the couch like I am doing now and lying out. I like watching shit TV.

Do you have your favorite TV series or movies?

Tom: Just shit TV init. Like anything. I think it is important to like shit TV.

If you could choose anybody and any place - with who would you like to drink tea?

Tom: I am gonna say .. Obama. Why? I don't know. The first person popped into my head. So yeah, I will share tea with Obama. .. Or maybe the Queen actually. Just see what she say init. She has got a lot of history. Interesting.

You are writing lyrics from your heart. Can You say how it looks like when you are writing songs? Do you need a special table or coffee? What is your perfect place to write lyrics?

Tom: I don't know. I think lyrics could be anywhere and come from anywhere. I am not one of these people who needs to have a coffee next to a pen. It just happens wherever. I just seat down with a bit of music and try to play, try to write. Writing is not like .. it is a hard question because it just happens. But more less I need a piece of paper and be drowning down like ideas and I am taking them to the studio to build on them. But no, I don't need, like, a special brew tea to write

Do you want to add something for the end?

Tom: I can't wait to get to Poland. I love you lots and cześć.

Interview and photos : Zuzanna Majewska aka Suz Maj

Tom Grennan at the sofa

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