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Perfect way to start 2021 - interview with Oceans on Mars

Oceans on Mars is an alternative rock band based in Manchester Today they released their new single called "Mirror" which is a perfect way to start 2021. You can hear that they are inspired by 90's alternative bands, but they managed to find their own dark and unique sound to create something incredible. Check out their previous singles and make sure to follow them on social media because this band is more than promising. We can't wait to hear more and see them live!

Photographer: @kickposters Dan Freebairn

Oceans On Mars are: Haydyn Biddle (vocal), Angus Scott (lead guitar), Alex Fairhurst (bass), James Oldham (guitar) and Greg Wilkes (drums).

You will release your new single called ‘Mirror’. How would you describe it?

Angus: Mirror is an upbeat track, heavily influenced by the 90s grunge sound. It’s about battling with your own emotions and anger throughout the song. The mix is also very raw giving it a natural and heavy feel with a fuzz fuelled guitar riff predominately carrying the energy.

How would you compare your new song "Mirror" to your previous singles?

Angus: It is definitely a change of direction from our other singles as we have gradually got more heavy and more experimental with "Mirror". If you listen to the catalogue of songs before 2019 you will hear the influence of grunge slowly getting added to each song.

Your songs seem to be very personal. How does your writing process look like?

The writing process has followed with our lead guitarist, Angus, bringing the bulk of the song to the table. Then getting finalised with the lads by changing or adding various sections.

Can You say something about the atmosphere while recording your new single?

Angus: We recorded this track at Whitewood recording studios with our producer Robert Whitley over 4 days. Like most studio sessions it begins with a lot of us being very energetic to get this recorded, especially once hearing the first demo, we felt very differently about this track compared to the others. However as you can imagine you can burn yourself out too!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Angus: I think our biggest inspiration is defiantly SoundGarden. The lyricism of Chris Cornell is fantastic and has inspired me to do the same and create that dark, grunge sound in a lot of our songs.

Do you have a dream venue where you want to play in the future?

Angus: It would have to be Manchester Arena. I couldn’t imagine having 20,000 people watching us! However Manchester’s o2 Ritz would be close as well. We were supposed to support Jordan Allen last year in April but sadly it got cancelled.

Do you remember that moment when you realised „ I want to be a musician; this is what I want to do for a living”?

Angus: I think for me it was when I saw AC/DC live for the first time as a kid, that’s when I knew I wanted to play the guitar. Was also named after Angus Young so I couldn’t not be into rock music!

If you could choose anybody, with whom would you like to drink a cup of the tea and why?

Angus: Dave Grohl, seems like one of the nicest human beings going. Plus he’d probably be able to tell us some pretty cool stories as well!

Make sure to check out their new single "Mirror".

Interview: Zuzanna Majewska

Editor: Grzegorz Biały

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